Referència: S&S-16-042942


The main objective of the project includes the development of a mechanism for focusing the combined collaborative efforts of experienced science education researchers and science teachers in using established principles and knowledge in order to solve teaching-learning problems in specific domains such as Materials Science. At the same time an international expert group has undertaken to identify the crucial attributes that distinguish successful efforts to develop innovative modules of research-based teaching materials in a way that these can be implemented independently of the systemic, cultural, organizational and language barriers that generally impede transfer of educational programs from one educational system to another. These critical attributes have been coded into a set of curriculum development guidelines for science learning. In addition, the outcomes of the work of the expert group includes a set of specific recommendations for successful transfer of examples of successful teaching practice from one educational setting to another. These recommendations have been validated through a series of study visits that examined the implementation of teaching modules developed (a) by a Local Working Group and (b) by a different Working Group working in another educational system.

Main outputs of the project:

  • Development of Recommendations for inquiry oriented science teaching and learning by an expert panel following the process of development of the teaching modules.
  • Development of a series of ICT-enhanced teaching modules for inquiry-oriented teaching and learning about a range of areas of Materials Science

Dotació econòmica: 652.000€ (100.00€ UAB)

Durada: 2007-2010

Altres entitats participants:

  • University of Cyprus, (CY)
  • Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki (GR)
  • CRECIM, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), (ES)
  • University of Helsinki, (FI)
  • University of Naples Federico II, (IT)
  • University of Western Macedonia, (GR)

Membres del CRECIM participants: Roser Pintó Casulleras (national coordinator), Digna Couso Lagarón, María Isabel Hernández Rodríguez.

Documents i publicacions derivades:
  • Guidelines for designing, developing, implementing and evaluating teaching modules in Introductory Materials Science (en procés)
  • Guidelines for implementing peer review visits by external experts. (en procés)
  • Module of enquiry oriented, ICT-enhanced teaching and learning about materials Science (student and teacher materials) (en procés)
  • Electromagnetic properties of materials