Referència: 128749-CP-1-2006-1-IE-COMENIUS-C21

The decline in interest in the physical sciences is now more than a national concern and needs modern solutions if Europe is to retain its innovative and competitive edge. The GIMMS project will link curriculum reform and teacher education through piloting a number of mentoring models and through the identification, development and dissemination of innovative gender prooofed practices in mathematics and science teaching throughout the participating countries. The project will involve a case study research approach and will promote the concept of teachers as authors of their own work. It is designed for use in lower secondary schools and will involve both initial and in-career teachers in school-university partnerships.

Objectives: The GIMMS initiative will develop innovative gender proofed practices in science and mathematics for lower secondary schools, in a search for a common European solution rather than a national solution. The case study research will take into account the existing PISA findings for science and mathematics and the OECD recommendations on teacher education. The project will develop multi media classroom materials and models of mentoring partnerships based on jointly agreed research questions:

  • What is needed to elicit higher motivation in learning science and mathematics & in teaching these subject areas?
  • In what ways can we generate equal opportunities for girls and boys across the sciences and mathematics?
  • How might ICT be used as a pedagogical tool to support innovative teaching, learning and scholarship?
  • How might we develop better models of partnership between initial and in-career teachers for continuing professional development (CPD)?

Target groups: Teacher educators, initial and in-career teachers, schools and policymakers.

Main activities. Phase1: Identification of innovative genderproofed practices through four case study schools in each country, and linking the developed tools through pilot studies with initial and in-career teachers using a number of mentoring strategies.

Phase 2: Follow up in the trialing, testing and development of innovative practices in a variety of formats through partner agreement.

Phase 3: Ongoing Evaluation of the project and publication and dissemination of findings to schools, teacher education institutions and policy makers in each country.

Expected outputs: web-site with discussion forum; multimedia classroom materials for science and mathematics teaching for initial and in-career teachers and schools, theoretical frameworks for mentoring relationships of learning, published articles and papers, final reports and conferences.

Dotació econòmica: 288.416€ (18.000€ UAB)

Durada: 2006-2009

Altres entitats participants:

  • University of Limerick (IE)
  • IPN, University of Kiel (DE)
  • Ostravská univerzita v Ostravě (CZ)
  • Universitet i Stavanger (NO)
  • Center for Videregående Uddannelse Jelling (DK)
  • CRECIM, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), (ES)

Membres del CRECIM participants: Roser Pintó Casulleras, Digna Couso Lagarón.