Educational services of CRECIM are focused on:

  Analysis of educational needs in science, mathematics and technology. The CRECIM works and has worked with various institutions and agencies in identifying specific educational needs (need analysis), either to provide training plans for education professionals, to design and promote new initiatives or to make specific improvements from the didactic point of view on existing initiatives.

  Formative evaluation of materials, activities and existing educational workshops, for both formal and non-formal education in the field STEM. CRECIM works and has participated in multiple contracts with companies and institutions with the aim of carrying out external evaluations of materials science and educational workshops available.
These evaluations always aim to not only assess the success or suitability of a determinate initiative, but also to propose improvements with formative character.

  Advice and monitoring of pilot programs in the field of STEM education: CRECIM has worked and still does accompanist and tracking the implementation of pilot programs, providing an external evaluation both on the quality of educational programs such as the applicability of pilots.

  External support didactic to education projects formal and non-formal: CRECIM has worked and still does providing external support in the form of advice, consultancy or review to educational initiatives in the field of STEM education, helping in the making decisions or in the choice of working methods.