What is  Revista Ciències?

Revista Ciències is a magazine that is published in open access addressed to teachers of childhood, primary and secondary education interested in teaching and learning of science. This magazine aims to be a space to discuss and reflect on the teaching and learning of sciences, to present resources and didactic experiences and to share and exchange with community initiatives and best practices.

La Revista Ciències en dades:
Active since 2005
2 annual numbers magazine (3 since 2003)
316 published articles
5.000 medium annual downloads of magacine articles
More than 15.00 annual visities to magacine articles
760 subscribed perople to the magazine
230 authors of articles

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The magazine has the following sections:

  1. Didactic experiences and practical works: We publish complex didactic experiences in science, attractive practical works and resources for science classes.
  2. Reflections and researches on science education: publish articles which include some concrete results of research in didactics of sciences, which provide a significant improvement in science classes, presenting always this result so that it can be directly used by teachers.
  3. Deepen in science: We publish popular scientific articles that help make available of primary and secondary teaching staff some scientific expertise of a certain relevance for classes, of a certain relevance for classes using a language for people of a certain scientific education but are not specialists in that field.
  4. Our professional lives: We publish reviews of training activities, meetings, seminars, congresses and workshops related to teaching and science learning at all levels and in all spheres of life, with the aim of keeping staff informed of the resources or training and exchange activities that interest them professionally.

Revista Ciències goes two times a year (June and December) in digital format through the contribution of teachers, teacher staff and research staff from the realm of didactics of sciences.