Digna Couso Lagarón
Digna Couso LagarónDirector of CRECIM and associate professor at UAB
Roser Pintó Casulleras
Roser Pintó CasullerasFounder of CRECIM and emeritus professor at UAB
Silvia Casal Herrerias
Silvia Casal HerreriasResearcher at CRECIM and associate professor in UAB
Anna Garrido Espeja
Anna Garrido EspejaResearcher at CRECIM and associate professor in UAB
Carlota Gómez Picanyol
Carlota Gómez PicanyolResearcher at CRECIM
Carme Grimalt Álvaro
Carme Grimalt ÁlvaroResearcher at CRECIM
Víctor López Simó
Víctor López SimóResearcher at CRECIM
Adrià Mateos Ribera
Adrià Mateos RiberaDoctorate student
Maria Navarro Palà
Maria Navarro PalàTechnical support research
Genís Oñate Dellà
Genís Oñate DellàTechnical support research and responsible for REVIR
Cristina Simarro Rodríguez
Cristina Simarro RodríguezTechnical support research
Èlia Tena i Gallego
Èlia Tena i Gallego


Maria Isabel Hernández Rodriguez
Maria Isabel Hernández Rodriguez
David Ferrer
David Ferrer
Oto Lusic Sakotic
Oto Lusic Sakotic
Maria Dalmases
Maria Dalmases

The CRECIM also has a network of people who help with different projects and educational initiatives:

Researchers in science didactics:

  • Rufina Gutiérrez, researcher.
  • Jaume Ametller, researcher and professor at UdG.

Active science teachers linked to Grup DIATIC.

Other professionals who collaborate with CRECIM:

  • Llorenç Garcia, support for computing tasks.
  • Víctor Feliu, responsible for the company Enfoca.