Valuing the innovative -and awarded- products of Vernier, in the summer of 2012 the Center for Research in Science and Mathematics Education (CRECIM) contacted Vernier proposing collaboration. As a result of this collaboration, CRECIM expected to update its practical work sessions with the latest resources in the field, contributing at the same time with the research results fruit of the implementation of this new equipment as a transfer of innovations to the science classroom. After defining possible scenarios (time, devices to be tested,…) both institutions agreed a collaboration plan: Vernier would provide the CRECIM with LabQuest2, as well as the LabQuest Viewer and the LoggerPro software, to integrate the Connected Science System in the practical work sessions that the CRECIM carries out with secondary school students in the University facilities. At the same time, the CRECIM would analyze during the scholar year 2012-2013 the main characteristics of this integration (technical requirements, design of new protocols,…), highlighting the main strengths and potentialities of using such innovative devices for promoting deep learning among students.

Durada: 2013

Membres del CRECIM participants: Roser Pintó Casulleras (IP).